Movie Posters of the Week

Links to all my Movie Poster of the Week articles on Mubi.com and, before that, on The Wind in the Trees. Most recent first:

116. The posters of the Stenberg Brothers

115. Pre-Code Posters

114. Tyrannosaur and the art of Dan McCarthy

113. Peter Falk and All the Marbles

112. Logan’s Run

111. The Rolling Roadshow Posters of Jason Munn

110. 100 Monsters

109. The Best of the Rest of Cannes

108. World on a Wire

107. The posters of the 2011 Cannes Competition

106. The posters of the Cannes Film Festival through the ages

105. The posters of Rojac

104. The Arbor

103. Dziga Vertov

102. Meek’s Cutoff

101. 5 Japanese Divas

100. The Lodger

99. Auto-Remakes

98. The films of Alain Resnais

97. Super and the Photo-Doodle Style

96. The Big Clock and other clock posters

95. The Best of Rotterdam 2011

94. Chris Ware’s Uncle Boonmee poster

93. Fritz Lang in America

92. Eternity

91. Hobo with a Shotgun

90. The Death of the Homunculus

89. Rickshaw Man and the posters of Hideko Takamine

88. The Best Posters of 2010

87. The Tree of Life

86. Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

85. Madchen in Uniform and the posters of the Weimar Republic

84. The Strange Case of Angelica

83. The Bride of Frankenstein and movie poster auction prices

82. Music from the Big House

81. White Material and the films of Claire Denis

80. Morning Glory and the overlaid type trend

79. For Colored Girls and the films of Tyler Perry

78. Black Swan and Black Cat

77. The 54th London Film Festival

76. Despair

75. The films of Masahiro Shinoda

74. The 48th New York Film Festival

73. Early Chabrol

72. Dogtown and Z-Boys

71. The posters of Stephen Frankfurt

70. On the Bowery and the posters of Scott Meola

69. Iranian Cinema of the ’60s and ’70s

68. The posters of Tom Whalen

67. Olly Moss and the Fan Poster phenomenon

66. Summer Holiday

65. Betty Blue

64. Life During Wartime

63. The movie posters of Norman Rockwell

62. Independence Day

61. Dogtooth

60. The American and 1960s action movie posters

59. Early Dreyer

58. The films of Agnes Varda

57. La Religieuse

56. Tropical Malady and the films of Apichatpong Weerasethakul

55. Tentacles

54. Guns

53. Oh, That Nastya!

52. Band of Ninja

51. La Salamandre and the films of Alain Tanner

50. Punch-Drunk Love

49. Everyone Else

48. Feeder and the SXSW poster winners

47. Glory to the Filmmaker or Takeshi Kitano in posters

46. Cold Weather and Pelican book covers

45. I Am Love and the Curious Case of Tilda Swinton

44. The Art of the Steal

43. The Best of Rotterdam

42. Do It Again

41. Shutter Island and other foreign Scorsese posters

40. Robocop and the posters of Tyler Stout

39. An interview with Funny Games poster designer Akiko Stehrenberger

38. Teorema

37. The Best Posters of 2009

36. The Best Posters of the Decade: A Follow-Up

35. The Best Posters of the Decade

34. Small Change

33. Home

32. Bright Star

31. Up in the Air and the use of Helvetica in recent poster design

30. Hausu and the poster designs of Sam Smith

29. The Curse of the Werewolf and the Hammer Horror posters of Guy Gérard Noël

28. The House of the Devil

27. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

26. Le Feu Follet (and the work of Hans Hillmann)

25. What? (and other Polanski posters)

24. The 47th New York Film Festival

23. Gummo (and other Harmony Korine films)

22. Antichrist

21. Husbands (and other French Cassavates posters)

20. Merman and Stolz der Nation (and other fake movie posters)

19. Independencia

18. Les herbes folles [Wild Grass] (and other Resnais posters)

17. The Endless Summer (and other surf movie posters)

16. The Servant (and other Losey/Pinter posters)

15. La femme de Paul, avec le sourire (the strange case of the lost Godard film)

14. Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors

13. Christmas on Mars (and the work of The Small Stakes)

12. Moon

11. The Serpent’s Egg (David Carradine R.I.P.)

10. Next Stop Greenwich Village (and the work of Milton Glaser)

9. The Taking of Pelham One Two Three

8. The Lacemaker (and the work of Peter Strausfeld)

7. The Devils

6. L’Atalante

5. The Rain People

4. The Holy Man (and the design work of Satyajit Ray)

3. In the City of Sylvia

2. The Girlfriend Experience

1. Late Spring

On this site:



Made in USA (and the work of Rene Ferracci)

Pickpocket (and the work of Christian Broutin)

The International

Dear Zachary (designed by Evan B. Harris)

Let the Right One In

Cool Hand Luke (R.I.P. Paul Newman)

The Headless Woman


Day of Wrath

Getting Straight

Rosemary’s Baby

Burn After Reading

Three Monkeys

Alice in the Cities (designed by All City)

Forgetting Sarah Marshall/Local Hero

Last Year at Marienbad

The Bank Job


The Longest Yard

The Great Debaters/Carbon Copy

Taxi to the Dark Side

The Death of Mr. Lazarescu

Decline and Fall of a Bird Watcher

I’m Not There


Be Here to Love Me (designed by Rob Jones)

Pierrot le Fou

The Savages (designed by Chris Ware)

Reprise (designed by All City)

Funny Games

A Brighter Summer Day


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