Movie poster of the week

January 5, 2008

The Great Debaters

Though I’m not crazy about the typeface, this is an unusually bold and minimalist poster for a star-driven Hollywood feel-good movie. Consider the alternative…

The Great Debaters-alt

And then consider this… the poster for Denzel’s 1981 film debut, a film I’d never even heard about until searching for Denzel posters on-line. If you’ve seen this prototype for Secrets and Lies, a film in which one of the great stars of the 90s and 00s on his way up was catching one of the great stars of the 70s on his way down, please tell me it’s not as offensive as it looks.

Carbon Copy



  1. Minimal though it may be, I still think it’s a rather dull poster.

    As for Carbon Copy, I saw that in the theater in ’81. I loved it at the time, but that was during the George-Segal-Can-Do-No-Wrong phase of my life. I’m going to Netflix right now to see if it’s on DVD.

  2. dull?! you’re crazy. it looks like Sidney Poitier in a completely fiery and enthralling race drama. but I agree, the typeface is a lot lamer than it should be. and I’m positive the second explains the film perfectly. and I’m dying to see Carbon Copy now. what a tagline!

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