On the Wind in the Trees

I have thought about renaming this blog Pissing in the Wind, a useful British expression I recently saw defined as “Doing something that is a complete waste of effort and time for which you can expect no results and may even backfire on you.” That seems apt, right? So why the Wind in the Trees? Well, is there anything more beautiful in the cinema? Jean-Marie Straub once famously quoted D. W. Griffith as saying, towards the end of his life, “What modern movies lack is the wind in the trees.” I can’t say I’m much of a tree lover (though I have nothing against them) but I love a good leaf rustling sequence in a film: it’s a badge of honor. Look out for them.



  1. I totally agree, though to me, the combination of wind and trees creates nothing more stirringly beautiful than dry leaves scraping across pavement, in film or in life.

    p.s. Home Alone has a great wind-in-the-trees sequence.

  2. it can also be quite creepy in the right context. or is
    that just me? :)

  3. hi,
    bumped into your blog while I was looking for info on ‘pickpocket’… and have been enjoying going through its back pages ever since.
    thank you.

  4. Great name for a blog. You should read Jennifer Barker’s book ‘The Tactile Eye’. There is a whole section on cinema, and ‘The Wind in the Trees’. She writes amazingly well.

  5. This is the most aesthetically pleasing WordPress site I’ve ever seen (not that this is surprising, given that you’re a graphic designer), and with insight to boot. Kudos.

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