Movie poster of the week

December 7, 2007

Decline and Fall of a Birdwatcher

I caught sight of this classy poster hanging on the wall of the forensic lab in the avian-obsessed Brewster McCloud the other day. Released the year before Altman’s film, it purports to be a swinging ‘sixties update of Evelyn Waugh’s Decline and Fall, directed by one John Krish. According to All-Movie Guide “Paul Pennyfeather is an Oxford divinity student who finds himself expelled after a gang of drunken freshmen remove his pants and he is accused of exposing himself to a girl. Looking for work, he retains the services of an unsavory employment agency that secures a position for him at a sleazy Welsh boarding school for boys…” If anyone’s ever seen this forgotten M-rated gem (“Suggested for Mature Audiences”) please let me know.



  1. this shit is suck

  2. So I was sitting here watching Brewster McCloud, ok technically lying down, and saw this porter on the door in the movie, didn’t know what it was, did some fast investigating(unlike our buddy Frank Shaft ) via google and found the answer. Tada! +]

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