Movie poster of the week

October 25, 2007


Reprise is a wonderful Norwegian film (the debut of director Joachim Trier) that played Sundance and New Directors/New Films this year but has yet to find an American distributor despite a rave from Manohla Dargis in the Times. The story of two aspiring writers, friends since childhood, who mail off their first manuscripts on the same day and whose lives then careen off in very different directions, Reprise is playful, thoughtful, romantic and intellectual in a way I haven’t seen since (at the risk of repeating myself) Desplechin’s My Sex Life. It may also be the first Norwegian feature I’ve ever seen. The film has been released in the UK, from whence comes this superb poster designed by the same people who did the Control campaign. Let’s hope you get to see it here.



  1. Woops, I knew writing off ND/NF this year would make me miss at least one great film. I’m trying to think of other Norwegian movies I’ve seen…what about Insomnia? That one is great.

  2. Ah, Insomnia, of course. How could I forget. I should also mention a stunning Norwegian short film A Year Along the Abandoned Road by Morten Skallerud that played at the New York Film Festival in 1991. Shot in 70mm Super Panavision, this jaw-dropping marvel compresses an entire year into one twelve-minute tracking shot. You can find out more about the film here, (where I was disappointed to discover that A-ha, always on the cutting edge of pop promo technology, had co-opted the film for a music video).

  3. Really glad you like the poster – we worked hard with the talented designers at AllCity (the Control guys) to try and get the energy of the film across without loosing its classic feel. Its a great looking film as well and we needed that reflected in the poster also. Anyway, really nice that the effort is noticed – makes it all worthwhile. check out website if your interested in getting hold of one for yourself. Cheers from Diffusion (UK film label) http://www.diffusionpictures.co.uk.

  4. Glad I could help get the word out. I love your website too. And the design on the two Bujalski films. I assume the company is very new?

  5. […] re-released in the UK earlier this year (with this campaign from AllCity, the design team behind Reprise). Here’s hoping it will find it’s way to the US soon. Thirty-five years after Alice, […]

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