Movie poster of the week: Let the Right One In

October 24, 2008

Let the Right One In

There are so many terrific films opening this week: Stranded, Synecdoche New York (which I haven’t seen but I have it on good authority that it’s great) and two of the strongest films I saw in Rotterdam this January: the noir et blanc animation anthology Fear(s) of the Dark, and this, “the Swedish Vampire movie”. Back in January I said that there was one film I couldn’t write about because of a conflict of interest and this was it. The conflict never materialized, alas, but the film went on to win the top prize at Tribeca and is now getting an inevitably timed pre-Halloween release. Stunningly shot in Scope, with images that have remained with me all year, Let the Right One In is a violent, somber and wintry coming-of-age tale that is almost incidentally a vampire story. This is the original festival poster which I prefer to Magnet’s similar US version. See it, but only after you’ve seen Stranded first. In fact they might make a pretty unforgettable snow-bound double-bill.



  1. This is the one time I disagree with your pic — every time I saw this poster at the Berlinale, I thought it was an Absolut ad. Still do.

  2. That should be pick, not pic.

  3. You’re right… Absolut Vampire

  4. It is an almost identical font to the Absolut campaign. Since Absolut is Swedish do you think it’s deliberate?

  5. Perhaps. Wonder if it’s the same design firm.

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