Movie poster of the week

May 17, 2008


If I were in Cannes this week (if only!) the film I would be most excited to see would be Three Monkeys, the fifth film by the great Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan. The reviews so far have been decidedly mixed, ranging from “the first major film of the festival” to “largely commonplace, drear, and claustrophobic” (thanks Mr. Kenny) but that’s par for the course for Ceylan who has often been a great divider. Still, his aesthetic is right up my alley, (Climates was my favorite film of 06) and I’m glad to see that he hasn’t lost his penchant for roiling skies and despondent souls looking out to sea. I can’t wait.



  1. Oh, it sounds wonderful to me!

  2. I know competition for those romcom audiences is cutthroat but that red scarf is a bit on the gaudy side. And if it’s excitement you want, surely Terry Davies is your man?

  3. I dunno…this poster is a bit overwrought, but maybe that’s the style of the movie. I’m a big fan of the poster for DISTANT. Is Turkey really perennially overcast or is that just in Ceylan movies?

  4. I wasn’t saying it’s a great poster (there are actually four variations on Ceylan’s website and this was the most…um…Ceylanian), just using it to spread the good word about Nuri. Seems as if the British critics supported Three Monkeys while most of the Americans dismissed it, so Nuri’s Best Director win was a nice surprise.

  5. Perhaps I can resolve certain issues arising from these comments. The reason British critics were more accommodating was that ‘Turkey’ as a cinematic term does not have the same connotations in the UK as in the US. The poster itself is a complex and allusive visual pun. The woman is standing on a jetty. The movie 12 Monkeys is four times as long as Chris Marker’s Le Jetee, on which it was based. So La Jetee could be said to be a quarter of 12 Monkeys, which is Three Monkeys, all of which are tied up nicely in the Bilgemeister’s poster.

  6. Well played, sir!

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