Movie poster of the week

August 8, 2008


In honor of BAM Cinematek’s tribute to Elliott Gould, starting today, I present this ’stash-tastic poster for Richard Rush’s 1970 campus comedy Getting Straight. Tom Milne in the Time Out Film Guide calls the film “muddled” and “dated” with “mannered direction” from Rush, but says the film is “distinguished by Elliott Gould’s marvellously grizzly performance as an ageing dropout who decides to drop back in again.” The film plays on Tuesday. My wife and I once met Gould (one of my very favorite actors) in an elevator at Lincoln Center in his pre-Friends and Oceans 11 revival period, and briefly discussed Bergman’s The Touch which we had just seen on a faded VHS. My wife told him it was under-rated and he replied “Oh, it’s very under-rated!” Take it from the man himself and see it on August 21st.



  1. I can just hear him saying that …

  2. Haha we watched the opening of “Getting Straight” for my screenwriting class. I don’t know why though — I could think of a thousand better openings.

  3. “Few of my films do I feel ashamed of or detest for various reasons. ‘This Can’t Happen Here’ was the first one; I completed it accompanied by violent inner opposition. The other is ‘The Touch’. Both mark the very bottom for me.”

    — Ingmar Bergman, Images: My Life in Film

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