Movie poster of the week

March 7, 2008


I should have posted this months ago when i first saw it, but I guess I was just resisting my own admiration for a Jason Staham poster. But I really like this, especially the early 70s dashboard and the reflection of the other car, which you don’t see immediately. Very cool.



  1. I saw this for the first time only a few days ago, and immediately thought of you, wondering if you would use it or not. There is something wonderful about it — even more so considering that the film is probably a piece of shit.

    Did you see the poster for Zonca’s Julia? (It’s on my site.) Curious what you think about that one.

  2. The Julia poster is very striking, and as you know I’ve been working on distressing type lately so it’s of special interest. I’d love to see an exhibit of the two-third-blue-sky poster. It’s a genre unto itself.

  3. […] will live up to its poster remains to be seen, but early last year I posted the one-sheet for The Bank Job and expressed skepticism that that film would be any good. It ended up being the very last film I […]

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