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Born in the 60s in England, now living in Brooklyn, USA in the 21st Century. In my waking hours I’m a graphic designer for a small (but perfectly formed) film company.




  1. Morrie! This is fab stuff—alot of your films seen are on my list-seen or to be seen; last was Eastern Promises and Lynn said “never again”. Must admit, I shouted “arghh!” out loud at one point, and I’ll be crossing to the other side of the street whenever I hear somebody talking Russian from now on.

    Can you help out a poor recovering alcoholic, man? I recently read a review in the Brit press about a film in which the major character gets into AA—seem to remember its a thriller of sorts. Do you know what this could be?

    Cormac Macarthy!! Read it in one go right through the night in Teddy St. Aubyn’s chateau last winter, hoping for some kind of relief at the end and not really getting any—wonderful stuff. Merry Christmas to you and family and much love, Morrie xx

  2. One of my favorite movie posters is the the Savages poster, too. Also, I happen to own the original Sunshine Cinema poster by Daniel Clowes. Did you need a picture of it?

    Happy 2008!

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