Movie poster of the week

October 14, 2007

Funny Games

As reluctant as I am to revisit one of the most upsetting films I’ve ever seen, I was still disappointed to hear that Warner Independent have pushed back the release of Michael Haneke’s Funny Games from October of this year to February 2008, if only because we might not be seeing this poster around town for a while. Reportedly a shot-by-shot English-language remake of his own 1997 Austrian film—though I can’t believe Haneke doesn’t have some further tricks up his sleeve for those of us who’ve seen the original film—hopefully he has learned from the mistakes George Sluizer made when invited by Hollywood to remake his own classic Dutch thriller The Vanishing, to which he added (or was forced to add) a disastrous happy ending. Mind you, if I could wish a happier ending onto any film it might well be this one. The tagline says it all for those of us foolish to go back for more punishment: YOU MUST ADMIT, YOU BROUGHT THIS ON YOURSELF.



  1. This is one of the best American movie posters (and tag lines) I think I’ve ever seen. The trailer for the film is pretty audacious too, and can be found here.

  2. I missed my recent chance(s) to see Haneke’s original version, but this poster is indeed spectacular, and that trailer – WHOA.

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