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Tsai Lee Lu coffee

February 8, 2010

One of the highlights of the Rotterdam Film Festival, which I attended last week, was coming across Tsai Lee Lu coffee, the special brand produced by Taiwanese superstar director Tsai Ming-liang and his favorite actors Lee Kang-sheng and Lu Yi-Ching (the actress whom he nearly always casts as “Mother”). Too good to be true, like something invented in a cinephile’s fever dream, the coffee is beautifully packaged in parchment paper bags and labeled with the threesome’s faces. It apparently comes in different strengths or flavors (watermelon, I wonder?) and I was told that the one that I bought (which I haven’t tasted yet) was “very dark and smoky.” It was being sold at the festival at the superb (and temporary) Break Even store (which featured the greatest collection of avant-garde films on DVD that I have ever seen).

Tsai was in Rotterdam with his 2009 Louvre-set feature Face and a new 30 minute digital film Madame Butterfly set in a Kuala Lumpur bus station, but it was a short film directed by Lee Kang-sheng that had the most relevance to their new business venture. Remembrance is set in an old wood-paneled coffee shop that is closing for the last time. Lu Yi-Ching plays the owner while Tsai plays her final customer. A What Time Is It There poster hangs in the store and I had assumed that it must be the Tsai Lee Lu coffee shop but as you can see from the photos below theirs is much more modern.

If you can read Chinese you can probably order the coffee from their website (which the photos below are taken from) or visit the store next time you are in Taipei. David Lynch, eat your heart out.



Shining Ephemera

June 10, 2009

In honor of The Shining midnight shows at the IFC Center.

A poster by Polish designer Leszek Zebrowski



A doorway mural on Oranienstrasse, Berlin (thanks to I Dreamed Music)



The worst wake-up ever: The Shining cuckoo clock by Chris Dimino (thanks to Engadget)



Brilliantly oblique tribute poster from Tes One (courtesy of Grain Edit)



Poster by Jeff Kleinsmith for Rolling Roadshow screening of The Shining at the Timberline Lodge (the original Overlook Hotel) in Oregon in October 2008. 



First edition of the Stephen King book




The movie soundtrack LP



The British teaser poster based on a Daily Mirror spread



And, though everybody’s seen it, of course I need to add my favorite fake trailer (if not my favorite You Tube clip of all time)




May 9, 2009

Why didn’t I think of doing this when I was working in a second hand bookstore? Thomas Allen is an amazing artist who cuts up old pulp paperback covers and creates the most ingenious, cinematic dioramas: like a combination of cut-and-paste animator Lewis Klahr and plastic toy photographer David Levinthal, two of my favorite artists.

See lots more here.