Making Tea with Satyajit Ray

April 17, 2009

An ad for The Indian Tea Market Expansion Board designed and illustrated by non other than Satyajit Ray in his days as a commercial artist before he changed the world of Indian cinema with Pather Panchali in 1955. Back in October I griped about the disappearance of Ray from American screens, but I’m happy to report that a Ray-trospective is now in full effect at the Film Society of Lincoln Center. I’ve been proselytizing to friends about Ray all week but really all I need do is direct people to this clip from Pather Panchali. The wind in the reeds!

Meanwhile, I write more about Ray’s work as a designer over at the Auteurs.



  1. Interesting, never knew about this particular ad…thanks for sharing.

  2. Makes a splendid addition to the canon of film directors’ beverage advice, alongside Bunuel’s prescription for the perfect Martini and Tarkovsky’s “Crying is an entirely valid response to spilt milk”

  3. hi, I am documenting the history and evolution of chai in India. I was wonderign if I could get a high resolution image for the ad and the source where you found it. Your help would be much appreciated. thanks

  4. Similar request to Ritu… Any help on a source for a high-resolution image would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

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