Answered prayers

August 26, 2008

Wim Wenders’ masterpiece Kings of the Road has been one one of the films I’ve most been looking forward to on DVD, so I was especially thrilled to see this beautiful new series of Wenders films from Axiom in the UK. I have no idea how the transfers themselves look because even DVD Beaver has yet to hold forth on them, but the covers are superb.



  1. I agree. I watched Kings of the Road on a crappy VHS, and it still blew me away. I can’t wait to experience it on DVD.

  2. oooo those covers are gorgeous!!

    p.s. don’t believe Gary Tooze’s lies.

  3. I love how at first glance they look like cheap 70s pocket-novels, like part of some detective series.

    Truly great stuff.

  4. Oh yes. Beautiful covers…they look old, used.
    I especially like the “Paris, Texas” one, how that pink contrasts with the rest…maybe the fact that i totally LOVE that movie also helps.

  5. “Kings of the Road” is the one I’ve been dreaming about. The perfect road movie.

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