Then and Now

October 28, 2007

In response to Glenn Kenny’s new feature Then and Now, over at his superb blog In the Company of Glenn, I’d like to offer up the following Katherine Heigl edition:


My Father the Hero (1994)


Knocked Up (2007)

One follows quite nicely after the other, don’t you think?



  1. Very nice indeed, and thanks for the hat tip and kind words. I’m old enough to remember being thoroughly weirded out by the spectacle of young Heigl flouncing around in a white thong bikini in “Hero,” a truly bizarre, unsettling picture. Enough that even her 100%-adult appeal today makes me a bit uncomfortable.

  2. I lovethe way that you designed your blog!

  3. I am aghast in remembering that Heigl starred in “My Father The Hero.” Thank you.

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