A good idea at the time

October 7, 2007

So, a week ago I’m watching Stellet Licht at the New York Film Festival and, inspired by a particularly satisfying sequence of wind rustling through trees, I decide that it might not be a bad idea to start writing about film again. Actually what I really thought was that I had a nice title for a blog and some cool ideas for mastheads. And then I go and tell a couple of people that I’m doing it and now I have to put up or shut up. But maybe I’ll just leave it at the title and masthead for now and we’ll see what happens.



  1. Welcome to the dark side, brother. Say goodbye to interpersonal relationships and sleep.

    Looking forward to your first post.

  2. Thanks. But that was my first post. Are you expecting more?

  3. ‘Tis but a preamble.

    I’m expecting a 1200 word piece on Brechtian dialectic and its application in High School Musical 2.

  4. One of us, one of us! So when are you going to start talking about movies

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